Having recognized a niche in the Canadian marketplace for high-end Canadian made shearling winter boots, Paul Golbert opened our Montréal factory in 1973. Our mission here at Pajar Canada is to create the best fashion performance boots with the highest quality standards in the industry. 

Our design team works closely with our production department to create the right balance of fashion, workmanship, and comfort.  Today, all our pattern making and styling are done in house, and our products are manufactured using the highest quality waterproof calf leathers and shearling skins brought from all over the world.  All our leathers are scanned and measured for quality control.  Each specific style utilizes special cutting knives, allowing our expert cutters to study each skin, and strategically place the cutting dies according to the grain of the leather.

Before the stitching process begins, an internal membrane is fused to every pattern piece in order to maximize insulation and durability. Next, each pattern piece is skived to create seam allowances for the stitching production line.  Our various stitching procedures are assembled by expert sewers using highly resistant nylon threads, just like those for fishing lines.  All stitch seems are taped as part of our waterproofing process.  The finalized stitched upper is then affixed to our pre-molding machines, which adhere thermal activated box toes and counters. 



We utilize our exclusive electrified shearling insoles which are padded and comfort insulated to -40 C | -40 F. The insole is then affixed to each last, and the upper is pulled and stretch over the last, in order to give the boot it's ultimate shape. Before the soles are attached, we shave off the excess material from the bottom until they are perfectly smooth.  High performance glue is brushed by hand on the bottom of each piece. We then fuse the uppers using our automated cementing machines.

Our finishing department quality controls each individual boot. They are brushed clean and scotch-guarded to ensure that the ultimate product is absolutely perfect.  At the end of the production line, the packaging department inspects each pair to ensure they are properly boxed and tagged. We thank you for making our family owned and operated business a success for over 55 years, wear them well!!!